Android Fragmentation

After the announcement of Google for Android platform and the quality of being supported by every device the mobile companies made use of it to benefit the costumers and get the market demand as much and early as possible. The negative aspect that android gained was the android fragmentation problem due to usage of numerous devices and with different versions that had different capabilities. Rather being stuck to this negativity android is named the top OS and the most used platform all around.

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HTC EVO 3D Review

3D technology has taken everything by storm these days. Smart phones at HTC are no exception. HTC Evo 3D was released in May 2012 and is distinguished from its contemporaries because of the additional 3D feature which enables users to view 3D pictures and videos without the need of 3D glasses.

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HTC HD2 Android Problems

In recent days, just like many other Android mobile phone users, many have also reported HTC HD2 android problems while updating its Android software. According to some of them, they are facing many problems while trying to upgrade to latest version of HTC HD2 Android software.

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Android Upgrade Problems

Many users are reporting android upgrade problems on a social website. Some android mobile user said that they were prompted to update android software but soon after upgrading their software they noticed that applications were taking long to open as well as some applications were not working at all like Skype, facebook, twitter and other major applications .

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Android Market Download Problem

Google play, previously known as Android Market is the most used Android website for downloading games and apps directly into the android phone or tablet. Since it is run by Google itself, it reads the Android devices perfectly and maintain a strong command if compared with any other site. There are several sites for grabbing android apps but the frequently updated and the most popular is of course theGoogle Play itself.

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