HTC Rezound review

Sound quality has been given the greatest attention in HTC Rezound. Released in November 2011, it was the first HTC phone to have the phone-rocking Beats Audio technology. HTC Rezound smart phone runs on android ice cream sandwich and has a dual core processor, which gives it a clear advantage over its competitors in the market.

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VPN Connection Issue

Every OS gets complicated and somewhat troublesome when its usage increases a lot according to costumer demands. Same is the case with Android that is having few irritating issues for the costumers and one of them is the VPN connection problem to the server. Constant time outs from the server have remained a concern and mostly with the upgraded 4.0.3. The key point is VPN is the foundation for any successful network.

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Android Fragmentation

After the announcement of Google for Android platform and the quality of being supported by every device the mobile companies made use of it to benefit the costumers and get the market demand as much and early as possible. The negative aspect that android gained was the android fragmentation problem due to usage of numerous devices and with different versions that had different capabilities. Rather being stuck to this negativity android is named the top OS and the most used platform all around.

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